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Having trouble with your remote control car’s frequency? It is a common problem for many RC enthusiasts. This guide unpacks the quick and easy steps to changing frequencies, ensuring your car runs smoothly once again.

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Key Takeaways

  • To change remote control car’s frequency, find the small switch on the car, use a thin screwdriver to turn it from one number (frequency) to another.
  • You can make your RC car better by getting new and better radio parts. This mean replace both transmitter and receiver with advanced ones.
  • If you face problems like poor range or quick battery drain, try changing the frequency. Other options include checking for bad receivers, replacing old radio parts or resetting your RC remote.
  • Tuning up your RC car using right trim settings and modding gear ratios can add more speed and power. Reducing weight, changing tire type as per track can also boost performance greatly.

Steps to Change the Frequency on Remote Control Cars

First, locate the frequency switch usually found on the remote or car body. Second, use a small screwdriver to turn from one frequency to another carefully. Lastly, confirm a successful change by controlling your RC car with the newly set frequency.

change frequency on remote control car

Locate the frequency switch

First, you need to find the frequency switch. The switch is usually small and black. You can see it at the bottom of your RC car. This tiny part allows users to change their car’s frequency settings.

When you adjust this, you are switching frequencies on your remote control vehicle.

Use a small screwdriver

Grab a small screwdriver. This tool helps change the frequency of your remote control car. The screwdriver must be thin and sharp. It needs to fit into the tiny slots on the back of your RC car’s controller.

Be gentle when you use it. Pushing too hard can damage your equipment. Twist the screwdriver lightly to switch between frequencies. Your toy car will now respond better and run faster!

Turn from one frequency to another

You need a small tool to switch from one frequency to another. Search for the tiny knob on your remote control car. This knob is the key that sets frequencies in RC vehicles. Turn this knob slowly with your screwdriver.

Take care not to force it or break it by mistake. You will see numbers next to the knob, like 27 MHz or 49 MHz, these are common frequencies in long-range RC devices. The change is made when you stop at a different number than you started with.

Upgrading the Radio Equipment on Your RC Car

To enhance your RC car’s performance, upgrading its radio equipment is a game-changing move. The importance of having an efficient transmitter and receiver cannot be overstated, as these components greatly affect the control and response of your RC car.

Next, we will focus on the steps for this crucial upgrade process.

Importance of a transmitter and receiver

A transmitter and a receiver hold great value in making an RC car work. The transmitter is like the brain of your RC car. It sends control commands to your toy. The receiver takes these orders from the transmitter, then tells the car what to do next.

This means it guides steering and other moves. An upgraded radio system can replace both parts for better game play. You can even make small tweaks on the adjustment controls of your transmitter for a more fun ride! Plus, there are many channels on both tools to pick from so you have better control over all plays involved with running this sort of vehicle system! These two pieces might be small but they are very needed in making your RC car run well and fast.

Steps for upgrading

You can make your RC car better by improving the radio parts. Here are the steps:

  1. First, pick out high – quality radio parts. Bigger manufacturers often make more reliable gear.
  2. Choose a kit that has both a transmitter and receiver. These kits make upgrading easy.
  3. Replace the old parts with your new transmitter and receiver. Make sure to match each piece correctly.
  4. Test out your RC car to ensure everything works well. Your car should respond quickly to the remote’s commands.
  5. Tune your RC car for even better control and speed.

How to Tune Your RC Car for Better Performance

Tuning your RC car can make it work better. One good step is to fine-tune the inputs from the transmitter. Trim settings help a lot with this. They can stop odd movements when you steer and make your car move straight.

Suspension tuning skills are also key for more control over your RC car’s moves. Adjusting Ackermann settings helps in smooth turns while going fast. You must also look at differential settings for improved grip on the road.

Modifying gear ratios can give an RC car more speed. Lighter vehicles are faster, so try to take off any extra weight from your RC car if possible. Upgraded batteries and motors can also add power and speed to any RC vehicle.

At times, even small changes like picking the right tires for your track can lead to big gains in performance. For instance, WL Toys 144010 uses special tires that help it go super-fast at a very low cost!

Troubleshooting for Remote Control Car Frequency Issues

Discover common frequency issues that can arise with your remote control car and learn the practical solutions for solving these problems to enhance performance. Stay tuned to explore more about troubleshooting and unlocking your RC car’s full potential.

Common problems

Remote control car owners often face problems. These issues can affect play time and fun. Here is a list of some common problems:

  1. Signal interference: This problem can stop the link between your remote control and car.
  2. Control range issues: Sometimes, the RC car does not listen well to the commands from the remote.
  3. Battery drainage: The car may not run as it should or for too long because batteries empty too fast.
  4. Overheating motor: The car motor might get too hot and cause bad performance or even damage.
  5. Inconsistent steering: At times, the steering does not work like it should in line with the controller’s input.
  6. Stability problems: Problems with the suspension may make for bad handling and shaky movement.


Fixing a remote control car can be easy. Here are some solutions to try:

  1. Use the guide for fixing RC cars. This helps with unresponsive vehicles.
  2. If the car is still not moving, it may have a bad receiver.
  3. Change the radio equipment of your RC car. This can help stop unresponsiveness.
  4. Change the radio frequency on both your car and controller. This fixes any radio issues.
  5. Look at how to change your RC car’s remote control if problems persist.
  6. Search for how to match your car remote’s frequency with the RC car.
  7. Try resetting your RC car remote for improved use.

FAQs – How To Change Frequency On Remote Control Car

1. Why do I need to change the frequency on my remote control car?

You need to change the frequency on your remote control car to avoid signal conflicts if someone nearby is using the same frequency.

2. How can I know what frequency my remote control car uses?

The frequency of your remote control car is usually listed in the user manual or printed on both the controller and vehicle.

3. Can all remote control cars’ frequencies be changed?

No, only certain models of remote-controlled cars allow for a change in frequency.

4. Is changing the frequency on a remote-control car hard?

No, changing the frequency of most remote-control cars typically involves switching a few buttons or switches as detailed in its instruction manual.

5. What happens if two cars use the same radio-frequency?

If two cars use the same radio-frequency it could cause signal interference, causing one or both vehicles not to operate correctly.

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